Conor McGregor Cannabis Software: Scam Or NOT?


THE MIRRORR NEWS EXPLAINED PreLander Conor McGregor The Cannabis Software: And Says You Can, Too! Conor McGregor is one of the world’s most best-known fighters. Ever since his legendary fight with Floyd Mayweather, dubbed the “fight of the century,” his fame has climbed to dizzying heights. But even greater than McGregor’s fame is his financial fortune. Since his legendary battle with Mayweather, McGregor has parlayed his notoriety into wildly profitable business deals. And his latest venture with Cannabis Software may be his biggest hit yet.

Conor McGregor’s first business success was a Whiskey startup called Proper No. Twelve. It was a smash hit. Since launching, it has sold hundreds of thousands of bottles, placing total sales at between $5 million and $10 million. The Whiskey was so successful that Tesco has been forced to limit customers to two bottles each.

But now, McGregor is embarking upon an even more profitable venture.

And this time, you can get in on the profits.

It all has to do with a little thing called Cannabis Software.

What Is Cannabis Software?

Cannabis–better known as marijuana–was the biggest stock market success story of 2018.

Stocks like Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis and Tilray shot up dramatically last year–making investors rich in the process.

Within two months of its IPO, Tilray shot up 755% in just two months. If you’d invested just $1000 in Tilray, you’d have pocketed $7550 in weeks.

Conor McGregor is rumored to have been one of the early Tilray investors that made millions.

But Cannabis Software, he says, is where the real money is at.


“It’s trading software that lets you make money on cannabis stocks” a source close to McGregor said. “You can make money whether stocks go up or down, so the odds of profit are way higher.”

And indeed, the potential profits are massive. Conor McGregor is rumored to have made between $154,000 and $180,000 in his first week trading with Cannabis Software. But it’s not just big shots like him that are making money. We spoke to a father of four, Adam, who earned $5438.24 in his first day using Cannabis Software.

“I first started using Cannabis Software when I heard Conor McGregor was getting behind it” he said. “I never really thought much about investing before, but with my favorite fighter backing this new technology, I thought I’d give it a try. I only invested $250 because I didn’t even think it would work. I was shocked when I pocketed $5428.24 on my first day of trading.”

Our reporter takes the Cannabis Software test

It’s one thing to say that Conor McGregor and his fans are making money with Cannabis Software. But can regular people do the same thing?

To find out if it was possible, we had our own reporter, Alicia, take the test.

Alicia is a veteran reporter who has no experience trading, and had never heard of cannabis stocks before this story.

We got her to try Cannabis Software because she brought no skills or experience to the table.

The test was simple.

We had her sign up for Cannabis Software, fund her account with $250, turn on autotrading, and report her results.

With in two days, she had pocketed $2742.38 in her account.

“It was pretty incredible” she said. “How easy it was to use, and the fact that I made ten times my money in a few days.”

Since the experiment, Alicia has started trading with Cannabis Software part time. Many other reporters in the office have repeated the experiment, and reported results anywhere from $1000 to $4000 in profit.


Since our original story ran, Conor McGregor has reaffirmed his commitment to Cannabis Software. In an interview shortly after he toked up with Mike Tyson, he commented that he “believed a wave of legalization was coming” and that he was “betting big on marijuana stocks.” But you don’t need to wait for the next wave of marijuana legalization to make money trading cannabis stocks. Right now our sources at Cannabis Software are saying you can still sign up for free. But they also warned that they will start charging for the software soon, so now is the time to get started.

My honest comment: I’ve been trading with Cannabis Software for the last few weeks and made a small profit of £2,300. I’m loving it!Really easy to use and really fast. I’m not really a technical person, but I got the hang of this easy. It has made me around £130 after just a day!! Cannabis Software Dragons Den

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