Elon Musk Quantum AI: Scam Or Not?

Elon Musk To Step Back From Tesla And SpaceX, Jumps on Quantum Computing Financial Tech

CNNMoney (New York) Explained Real life ironman – Elon Musk Quantum AI, has finally announced why he stepped back from Tesla and SpaceX. His new venture is called Quantum AI and, he has invested over 2 billion dollars past 2 years developing and coding Quantum AI.

Before we go into details of Quantum AI, let us explain who Elon Musk is exactly. Elon Musk is a visionary, some call him the smartest entrepreneur of our century. He believes in renewable energy and living in Mars, although his ideas seem too radical and impossible to many people, Elon is proving them wrong year after year. He has made it his agenda to make the world a greener and bring humankind to new heights. Some of his ventures include PayPal, Tesla, Boring Company and OpenAI.

But now, Musk has decided to partly withdraw from running Tesla and SpaceX, in order to focus on his new venture in the financial sector. That’s why he acquired Quantum AI.

What exactly is Quantum AI? Quantum AI is upgraded form of computers. In a fact, Elon beat IBM, Microsoft and few others who have developing this form of computing for years. This is not just super-computer, but hyper-computer on steroids. If you take ALL world’s computers and link them, Quantum AI is still hundreds of times more powerful. Elon decided to put all of this power to work in a financial technology with the plan of redistribute worlds wealth. Basically, to take from the top 0.1% and give back to 99.9%. Elon believes wealth is not distributed well in our age, and although there always will be someone richer and someone poorer, the current situation is not acceptable, where top 0.1% controls almost 90% of world’s wealth. He believes he can cut that down to around 20% without causing world-wide financial crisis. So what exactly does that mean to you, the regular middle or lower class person? This means you will become 2 – 3 times wealthier, and no one except the super-wealthy will take a hit. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

“Open source platforms have proven useful to make technologies more accessible — at times leveraging community user development for rapid innovation cycles,” he told LinuxInsider. “Similarly, 3D printing has benefited from open source development, enabling lower cost devices and a wider user base.”

Ok, the theory is there, but how will it work you might ask? Overall, the idea is easy. The top 0.1% keep their wealth invested in stocks, and Wall Street brokers trade these stocks for them. The idea is to beat the Wall Street traders in their own game – make winning trades so Wall Street with their hoards of wealth slowly but surely starts losing money. Just like a poker game, where a new player comes along on the high-stakes table and starts winning.

The open source nature of the MOREbot project could be its most marketable trait. That has been the experience of the Fab Foundation. “A large number of projects in our 1,600 fab labs around the world are open sourced and highly successful,” noted Sarah Boisvert, founder of Fab Lab Hub and author of The New Collar Workforce.
Combining open source and 3D printing technology positions MORE Technologies well for sustaining its innovative approach to learning about robot culture, observed Daniel Codd, a professor at the University of San Diego’s Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering.

In order to do this you would need a better stock movement predictions than the Wall Street has. With the help of cloud computing, it can be done, and it’s actualy being done now as Quantum AI has showed! This is exactly the reason why Musk jumped on this technology as soon as he heard about it. It’s revolutionary.

We interviewed Quantum AI CTO Daniel Powers so he can better explain exactly how Quantum AI operates.

Can you tell us how Quantum AI works?

Quantum AI works like a team of hundreds of cities. We have millions of automated citizens in each city that go in to stock markets, they spend there 12 hours per day to gather information. In the evening, these all cities come together to exchange and compare what they gathered. Then kings of the cities analyze all information and try to find a mistakes in stock market, by founding a mistake, we can predict the stock trends. Once we have a certain trending topic related to a big company, we analyze if the trend is Positive or Negative. If the trend is positive, we bet on the stock to rise, if the trend is negative – we bet on the stock to fall. It’s that simple.
Examples include Local Motors’ innovative Crowdsourced Rally Car, an appliance program with GE, and Olli, a 3D-printed self-driving short-range shuttle, she said. “Scalability will be the challenge for MOREbot,” Boisvert told LinuxInsider.

It teaches real tech skills to the next generation of innovators and problem solvers using MOREbot — a series of open source, customizable robotics kits designed for classroom or home use. MOREbot is an expandable modular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning robotic ecosystem. All robot parts are 3D printed, which makes it very affordable, according to the company.

How often does Quantum AI make a mistake?

Depends how to think about it. Quantum computing is very different to everyday PC’s. When normal computer has one or two CPU’s(processor), then QuantumAI consists of millions of CPU’s. If mistake is made, then CPU’s compare outcome and “VOTES” which decision is mistake and which is the real deal. We are still in Beta stage of our quantum computer and software, but it’s already showing over 87% successful trades. This means that out of 100 trades Quantum AI makes automatically, 91 will be profitable.

How much money can a regular user of Quantum AI make?

It depends a lot on the money they invest and the broker they work with. Let’s take the regular user who starts with 500$ and bets 20$ per trade. Over 24 hours Quantum AI will make around 200 trades based on trends on Social media. Around 174 of the trades will be profitable, and 26 will not.

This means user will win approximately 3,480$ and lose around 520$. Evening out to 2,960$ profit in a single day. There are some small commissions added by the broker, but it’s usually less than 2%.

Has any user actually lost his investment?

No, we have never had a user who had lost his invested money. Even the worst cases we have had were always profitable in the end.

What improvements are you working on right now?

There are many of them we are currently working on, but Elon insisted me not to share them yet with media.
How much will it cost to use Quantum AI automated system?

We don’t know yet. But first 1,000 spots will be free. After that, for regular users, we are thinking of charging $10,000.00 monthly and a hundred times as much for trading firms who wish to use Quantum AI. We do not want to disrupt the stock market too much so spots will be limited to 1,000 trading firms and 1,000,000 regular users.

When will Quantum AI be available?

Very soon. We are just adding finishing touches and first members will be welcome very soon. First we will open the doors for small traders – regular people, and only later for big trading firms. Again, first 1,000 people will get a lifetime membership for free.

Open source projects are not always sustainable, said Jory Denny, assistant professor of computer science in the University of Richmond’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. “I am not confident their model is sustainable, but the technology landscape is constantly changing, and they might just pull it off,” he told LinuxInsider. “They certainly have the excitement and motivation to do so.”

MORE Technologies last week launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise US$20,000 for development of its open source robot ecosystem. The company will fund the project if it reaches its goal by April 21. As of this writing, $6,485 of that $20,000 goal has been pledged.

After the interview Daniel showed us Quantum AI in action. It was like seeing a real miracle for the first time. Daniels software was making money on autopilot. Daniel was so confident in his Software that he offered to give us one free membership so we can run our own independent tests, and so we did.

We took one of our intern students Alex Woods and told him to sign up, following each step.

Basic Skills MOREbot learning starts with building a Base Robot and then controlling it via a mobile app. Add-on kits expand the learning curve and the functional capability of the robots. Each kit can function alone. Users create simple structures and work up to building more complex and sophisticated robots.

If its fundraising efforts are successful, MOREbot’s hands-on approach to joining two well-known open source technologies will help educate a new generation of roboticists, said Codd.

The first step was fairly easy – he needed to fill in some details like name, last name, email and phone number. After the form was completed and submitted, he was taken to Quantum AI dashboard. Everything seemed pretty easy over there.

The next step was to fund the trading account with a trusted broker. The broker Quantum AI selected for Alex was BinaryTilt. As we were navigating to the deposit page, Alex received a phone call from BinaryTilt. It was his personal account manager wanting to assist funding process. With the help of account manager, funding process didn’t take long, as all major Credit Cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Alex went ahead and deposited 250$. Once funded, we navigated to the “Auto Trader” section of software, set the trade amount to recommended 20$ and enabled it.

Quantum AI started making trades automatically in front of our eyes, winning most of them. We left it active for 23 hours and once we came back, Alex already had $2,592.37 in his account.

Alex wasn’t convinced. To make sure this was all real and not just some phoney numbers on the screen he requested a withdrawal of $2,500.00 to his bank account. This was a fast and easy process as BinaryTilt is a thrusted broker. After 2 hours money was in his bank account! At this point Alex and we knew that it’s real.

We can’t wait for the software to go live. This will change lives of millions of people. Sometimes the things that seem too good to be true, are actually true.


The incredible has happened. Daniel has just notified us that Quantum AI is live! They are accepting first 1,000 members As of writing this, there are 937 spots left, but it won’t be long before all the spots are filled up with this once in a lifetime opportunity, so hurry up. Click the link below to sign up now.

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